The Vision of Affyn

Building meaningful connections and a sense of belonging

Busy, Busy, Busy

Growing up, life was simple. As kids, we live in the present moment day to day, making friends easily and having fun. We had all the time in the world, and we spend most of that time playing together with friends and family. We learn from each other, and the memories and bonds built were strong. However, as we age, we slowly become occupied with more and more commitments. Getting good grades in school becomes a priority, and subsequently getting a good job and getting the promotions. After all, we need to put food on the table and bills don’t pay themselves.

Era of Technology & Social Media

Technology has been rapidly developing, and we are now able to communicate with one another instantly from across the world through voice or video calls. Through social media, we now have hundreds to thousands of friends, both locally and internationally. Yet ironically, while we are more connected than ever, we are also more alone than ever.

Going Back to Our Roots

At our core, we humans are social creatures. We evolve and survive the ages through working together and building relationships with one another. Together, we build communities, which develop into villages, towns, cities, and countries. Yet, the further we progressed, the more we forget our roots and how we got to where we are today.

Can You See It?

The distractions of everyday life and the accessibility to technology have resulted in this situation we have today: declining social circles and the sense of loneliness. We understand it is difficult, as we have to make a conscious effort to maintain these relationships. In most instances, it is not that we do not wish to stay connected, but there are just too many things happening in our lives. We try to postpone meeting up to a later date, only to be overwhelmed with work or other matters that it slipped our minds.

We are a startup in Singapore who wants to remind people of what's truly important in their lives: the bonds with their friends and family.